Satisfy your viewers’ curiosity by instantly giving them answers, trivia, và related content, on-screen và

in-app, in realtime.

Bạn đang xem: Vuu is a plug-and-play solution for content providersthat addvalue instantly to your content library. provides instant, curated access khổng lồ data on cast, location, trivia, props & items, music and creative online content. Whatever interests your audience, helps you deliver it. empowers you khổng lồ share content intelligently: instead of giving your viewers a static collection of trivia, shows what is relevant, when it is relevant.


ANY KIND OF đoạn phim CONTENT can index any kind of đoạn phim content: from scripted movies or TV shows khổng lồ live events và sports, even news and gaming streams.

AUTOMATIC AGGREGATION automatically pulls nội dung from multiple online sources to create a starting point for indexation. Further integration with services such as Spotify và Google Places means that adding elements such as songs and locations, is fast and easy.

FAST & EFFICIENT is built for fast & efficient mass indexation: our platform makes it super easy to lớn import, index and create value-added content - whether it is our own content specialists or third parties such as yourself.

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Find out who is in the scene right now

Discover where the scene was filmed

Learn more about what you’re watching

Props & Items
Get info about interesting products và items

Explore & listen lớn the soundtrack

Enjoyvideos, podcasts & articles


Jump to lớn your favorite scene, and skip that repetitive intro


Get better recommendations based on the scenes you just watched


Quick integration

Direct integration to lớn our API from your backend, or direct tương tác between your client và our backend.

Reliable support

Support system with 24/7 availability và

0-2 hour response time during primetime.

Flexible to brand

Easily adaptable khổng lồ your brand và your audience, optional pre-made frontend components are easily customizable.

" is a vital element in Blockbuster’s strategy for differentiation and growth in the Nordic market.

As a premium streaming service we aim lớn give our users the very best customer experience.

The additional nội dung delivered by allows us khổng lồ stand out with exclusive, unique information on our titles.”

- Casper HalD

CEo atBlockbuster

Why we know




"Each streaming platform has its own plusses and minuses, but Amazon’s X-Ray feature is perhaps one of its best plusses — và a feature every streaming platform should figure out a way khổng lồ incorporate.”




"There’s no doubt that the king of streaming đoạn phim is Netflix. But the company has had serious competition from Amazon và its Prime video clip service in recent years.

Amazon has tricked out the service with a ton of features and hidden settings that Netflix doesn’t offer. Our favorite is the X-Ray feature."



"As customers gets used khổng lồ the X-ray feature, it feels lượt thích a broken experience when it's not there.”

2500 titles

and growing offers curated nội dung for a collection of wide-ranging titles that have all been researched and synchronized by our professional content specialists.The nội dung we provide is quality-controlled and fact-checked by moderators, và coverseverything from the newest releases to lớn the most relevant backlog titles.

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" has been our go to ứng dụng every time we recognize an actor/actress but can't put afinger on who it is. It has

been a staple for all the shows and movies we review.The interface is simplistic, beautiful and super easy to lớn navigate. Rather than wastingtime googling the information we need, we can find out specifics on the exact series & episode, in under a minute!"