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- King of Denmark (AD 1018-1035), England (AD 1016-1035) và Norway (AD 1028-1030).

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Cnut (c. AD 996-1035) was the son of King Svein Forkbeard (AD 960-1014) & took part at an early age in his father’s Viking expeditions khổng lồ England. After Svein’s death in AD 1014, Cnut remained in England as leader of the Danish army. Two years later, on the death of the English king Ethelred, he became sole King of England.

Meanwhile, his brother was King Harold II of Denmark, but when he died in AD 1018, Cnut was also crowned king of Denmark. He succeeded in retaining power in both countries & for a time also controlled parts of Norway & Sweden. On his death in AD 1035 the Danish throne went to lớn his son Hardicanute và the English lớn another son, Harold Harefoot, who ruled England until AD 1040.

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Cnut & his sister, Estrid, were in many ways the links in the relationship between the four main characters in the Battle of England: Edward the Confessor, Harold Godwinson, William the Conqueror & Svein Estridsson.


Fact:Birth: 996Dead: 1035Buried: Winchester CathedralKing:Denmark 1018 - 1035 England 1016 - 1035 Norway 1028 - 1030 Parents: Svein Forkbeard và GunhildSpouse: Emma of NormandyChildren: Svein Alfivasen (with Ælgifu) Harald Harefod (with Ælgifu) Hardeknut (with Emma) Gunhild (with Emma)

Louise Kæmpe Henriksen

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