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Established in 1990, Trung Dong Corporation is one of the leading companies in the manufacturing industry of PP woven bags, BOPP bags.

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The Company’s headquarter is located in Tam Phuoc Industrial Zone, Dong Nai Province và its branch is located in An Phuoc, Dong Nai, Vietnam. Since its establishment, Trung Dong has had a constant development và an overall growth, from a small manufacturing enterprise lớn current corporation scale with its expansion of two large factories:

FACTORY 1: Tam Phuoc 1 Industrial Zone, Tam Phuoc Ward, Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai Province

Factory scale: 80,000sqmCapacity: Up khổng lồ 21 million bags per month


FACTORY 2: Lot F3-4, An Phuoc Industrial Park, An Phuoc Commune, Long Thanh District, Dong Nai Province

Factory scale: 27,300sqmCapacity: Up lớn 9 million bags per month


Leading-edge manufacturing công nghệ worldwide has been constantly applied to Trung Dong’s products. Especially, there is a công nghệ transfer cooperation và professional development with experts from Austria & Germany. The closed-loop manufacturing process compliant with modern manufacturing lines qualified to lớn ISO 9001:2015 such as extruding machines, weaving machines, automatic cutting và sewing machines, automatic PE liner insertion, BOPP printer, Flexo printer, BOPP/MCPP laminating machines, HDPE/LDPE bag blowing machines, ... Which are imported from famous manufacturers worldwide such as Austria, Germany, India, Korea, Taiwan, Japan.

With a team of well-experienced and qualified staff and good workmanship workers as well as a synchronous & modern production line, we are committed to create: "The best quality, the most reliable, the most satisfactory products for customers”. With the motto: "Sustainable manufacture", we always consider customer satisfaction as our success.

Trung Dong persists in the sustainable development accompanying with environmental protection. The Company has invested in a wastewater treatment system with a capacity of 300 m³/day, qualified ISO 14001:2015 certification on its environmental management system.


Besides the complete infrastructure và modern equipment, Trung Dong acknowledges that packaging is a very important factor to increasing the value of customers’ products; therefore, it always strives lớn create brand-new products with superior features which expands customers’ choices of high chất lượng products with competitive prices.

Trung Dong specializes in manufacturing and trading of uncoated PP woven bags, matt/ glossy coated PP woven bags, inside / outside coated pp bags, flexo printed bags, BOPP / MCPP laminated bags, LDPE/HDPE bags, serving for:

- Packaging for fertilizers, pesticides, animal and livestock foods, aquatic medicine.

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- Packaging for salt, rice, sugar, flour, rice seed, agricultural products.

- Packaging industry, PP woven rolls.

- Construction industry: Packaging for cement, wall putty, chemicals, woven geotextile.


With its contribution to the economic development of Dong Nai in particular và of Vietnam in general, Trung Dong has been granted many prestigious certificates & noble awards of the state and departments such as: Vietnamese brand certified by Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations. In 2017, it ranked 164th among 500 private enterprises in Vietnam & ranked 396th on the đứng đầu 500 largest private enterprises in Vietnam by the Vienam Report rating organization.


With its human resources as its most valuable property, Trung Dong has built a dynamic, creative & professional working environment. Human resources are well trained khổng lồ become skilled & highly qualified workers. Moreover, the company is extremely concerned about the spiritual life of employees through many sports, cultural và art activities, rewards for excellent members và the foundation of a study promotion fund for workers’ children, infrastructure investments for workers’ residence lớn create peace in workers’ mind for a better performance.

In its course of almost-30-year investment và development, Trung Dong Corporation always maintain its own mission "to create a strong trust in quality for customers", the whole group of the board of management, officers & employees have had a constant creative thinking, continuous learning and sustainable innovation lớn integrate with the daily change of new technology. Trung Dong has pointed out its overall strategies, especially focusing on an effective, transparent, united management system & utmost strives khổng lồ improve the chất lượng of products và services lớn strengthen its position as a leading packaging manufacturer in Southeast Asia.