Trang Trinh, one of the few female cannabis CEOs in Canada, decided to step into the cannabis scene after over a decade in the professional services world. While working in M&A consulting at Deloitte, her interest in the industry was sparked when she was sent lớn Jamaica lớn set up a vertically integrated cannabis company in Kingston for one of her clients. She eventually connected with partners Charles Khabouth and Basem Hanna khổng lồ launch TREC Brands, an umbrella company that runs three cannabis labels: Blissed, WINK and Thumbs Up Brand. We caught up with Trang about her business journey, the stigma surrounding women & cannabis and why it’s so important to support your communities.

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How did you connect with Charles & Basem?

I’d known Basem from university. When we reconnected late 2018, he had already started Blissed, & Charles had WINK under the INK Entertainment umbrella. We decided we wanted to lớn make a holding company for both brands that would come from a socially conscious core.

So, what’s your business model?

We’re not a Licensed Producer (LP), so we don’t personally cultivate or process cannabis. Our business model involves tracking consumer trends & then curating our brands to target some of those demographics. We only work with LPs with the best quality product, và we aim for strains that are indoor-grown, hand-trimmed, hang-dried and tested. Our consumers can rely on us to vị the homework for them.


Tell us about Blissed & WINK.

Blissed is our female-friendly brand. We noticed there was a gap in the market when it came to lớn women và cannabis brands. Because of certain stigmas, many women are still afraid khổng lồ say they use cannabis, which prevents them from living their authentic life. That’s why Blissed’s chiến dịch is called Own Your Joy. It exists khổng lồ empower women who want to lớn use cannabis to vày so. Our first two products are oils: we have a 1:1 oil, which is balanced ratio of THC and CBD called Bask, & we have a high CBD oil called Breathe that doesn’t get you high at all.

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WINK is a brand for purveyors of culture và people who enjoy fashion, art và music. The products we curate are meant to lớn complement your social experience. It’s focused on rolling out the red carpet for the occasional user. For instance, picking up a package of WINK is lượt thích going out on a Saturday & grabbing a bottle of champagne. We have two pre roll products, WINK No 01 and WINK Fuel. WINK No 01 is one of the most exciting—it’s a rare strain from Africa called Super Congo Haze, found by the Strain Hunters, a team who combs the planet for some of the most unique & rare cannabis genetics. Only a few LPs have access lớn it.

Do you find the industry to lớn be male-dominated these days? What’s it lượt thích being a female CEO in cannabis?

At the leadership level it’s still very much male-dominated. That doesn’t bother me, though. For me, it’s a great opportunity lớn pave the way for other women. I was at a point in my career where I could take a risk, và I did. I hope I can show other women that they can vì the same—the best way lớn encourage women lớn take a risk is to mã sản phẩm it.

What advice vì you have for women in the cannabis industry right now?

Just go for it. A lot of women shy away from the risk, but there’s lots of room for women khổng lồ get involved. It is a pretty volatile industry, but there’s so much opportunity to look at it from a different lens—for instance, from the self-care và wellness perspective.

Tell us about your “10% for Good” campaign.

That’s really why I’m here. The most important part of starting this company for me was khổng lồ be able khổng lồ make an impact in the communities we operate in. It’s so important as a nascent industry to lớn involve the community. If we don’t have their tư vấn it won’t be sustainable. So we pledge to lớn give 10 per cent of our profits back to the communities we operate in. This year, we’ve polled our customers và figured out the causes that matter most, & will be donating khổng lồ four causes: female empowerment, climate change, cannabis amnesty và local art. We chose lớn work with Dress for Success, Evergreen, Hxouse và Cannabis Amnesty Canada.

What’s next for TREC Brands?

We just launched a third brand called Thumbs Up Brand, which is curated more for the everyday consumer, with the ultimate goal of eradicating the đen market. It’s good weed at a good price. We also have a very robust hàng hóa roadmap for 2020, which includes the next wave of legalization around edibles và vapes.