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It’s been more than seven years since the fans saw the last episode of The World God Only Knows, và now they are getting curious khổng lồ know whether there will be The World God Only Knows Season 4 or not. The fans have really enjoyed the previous three seasons of the anime series, and they desperately wanted lớn see more of it. However, its fourth installment never came out. So, will the anime ever return? Here are all the latest details.

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The World God Knows Only is a Japanese supernatural rom-com anime series. It is an anime adaptation of the manga series of the same title by Tamiki Wakaki. It made its debut on October 6, 2010, and ran for twelve episodes. After that, the creators released two more seasons of the anime. The viewers saw its last episode on September 23, 2013, và ever since then, they are waiting for its fourth installment khổng lồ premiere.



The World God Only Knows Season 4: Renewal Status!

Manglobe Studios produced all three installments of the anime series. However, the studio never spoke about the fate of the show. The author of the manga series is also pretty tight-lipped regarding the anime’s future. Therefore the fate of The World God Only Knows Season 4 is known by the god only. The fans are still waiting to lớn hear from the creators about its renewal. But now, it is very unlikely, especially after seven years.

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Is There Enough Source Material?

The manga series of the same title has run for seven years. Over the course of these years, the tác giả has published a total of 26 volumes, which has 268 chapters. Manglobe Studios has released three seasons of the anime, which has twelve episodes each. And it is almost impossible to adapt 268 chapters in only 36 episodes. Therefore, the makers have more than enough source material to create The World God Only Knows Season 4. The manga series has been ended at its 268th chapter.

The World God Only Knows Season 4: Will The Anime Return?

Currently, the odds don’t seem to be in favor of the anime’s fourth season. And the main reason behind this is the bankruptcy of its animation studio. Manglobe Studios filed for bankruptcy back in năm ngoái after getting in an estimated debt of 350 million yen. & that is the main reason why the fans have never heard about its renewal from them.

Over the course of these past seven years, the popularity of the anime series has decreased a lot. Plus, any other animation studio hasn’t picked the show for its fourth season. Therefore now the chances of The World Only God Knows Season 4 to lớn happen are very slim. It is better lớn believe that the fans will never be able khổng lồ see the fourth installment of the anime.


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