Islands: part one


Dr. Andrews might have snagged himself the hospital presidency, but at what price?

On The Good Doctor Season 5 Episode 11, Lim & Glassman"s resentment caused tension in the OR, & it seemed lượt thích Andrews was persona non grata as far as they were concerned.

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But would it have gone down that way if he hadn"t closed Glassman"s clinic? Half of Glassman"s anger toward him had to bởi vì with losing the one thing he still enjoyed as a doctor.


Glassman was upset because closing the clinic meant that low-income people would no longer have access khổng lồ medical treatment, at least not at St. Bonaventure.

He"s been passionate about that clinic for a while, so much so that allowing him to run it was the only thẻ Salen had been able to lớn play to get Glassman to consider not retiring.

Lim: You want a medal for finding your conscience at the very last minute?Andrews: I was there when it counted.Lim: You took her side even after the baby died and then you leveraged the situation so that you ended up in charge.

So Andrews" decision khổng lồ cut it might have seemed lượt thích it was in the hospital"s best interest, but it guaranteed that he và Glassman would butt heads.

And Glassman had parted ways with neurosurgery a long time ago, too, so forcing him back into it was a bad idea.


Andrews also got into a conflict with Morgan over the clinic. His decision to close it seemed khổng lồ be an attempt lớn punish her for blowing the whistle on her own poor choice, which could have led to lớn a lawsuit against the hospital.

Even when Morgan came up with a way to lớn pay for the clinic & save lives at the same time, Andrews didn"t budge until she convinced him that he needed to keep both her and Glassman happy.

Andrews may be ambitious, but he sucks at politics. He should have realized that his decisions as President weren"t going to go down well, especially not when so many of his doctors already felt he betrayed them.

He thought all he had to vì was reinstate Lim & praise Glassman"s neurosurgical skills, và everything would be fine. How incredibly naive!


Lim went too far, too, though. Her justifiable anger at Andrews had an undue influence on her decisions.

She tried as hard as she could to lớn avoid calling Andrews in on her amputation, và then when she was called away, she resented that he found a way khổng lồ save the patient"s arm.

Part of Lim"s problem seemed lớn be that Andrews changed the surgical plan without talking to her first. But he had khổng lồ make a split-second decision, and she wasn"t available, so that wasn"t fair.

In any case, saving the patient"s arm seemed like a better outcome than Lim expected. No matter how upset she was with Andrews, insisting on the opposite of what he wanted to bởi didn"t seem lượt thích the best way lớn make medical decisions.


There was more than enough resentment to lớn go around. While everyone was angry at Andrews for siding with Salen, Lim also had a problem with Glassman, who she said put Shaun"s needs above the hospital"s.

I"m not sure that was true. Glassman did want to lớn protect Shaun"s career và was afraid Shaun would make rash decisions about this. But his problem during Salen"s hospital leadership didn"t seem specific to Shaun at all.

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Glassman continually worried that going against Salen would accomplish nothing productive. He encouraged Lim khổng lồ take the job at San Jose General & told Shaun to lớn go along with Andrews" ideas instead of questioning them.

It seemed more like a generalized fear of the consequences of good doctors standing up lớn Salen than an attempt lớn protect Shaun at the expense of everyone else"s interests.


In the end, Andrews apologized for believing Salen"s lies, và everyone drank together, so all is forgiven for the moment. But will the peace last?

Elsewhere, Morgan"s dedication to the nursing trang chủ patients và the clinic was a radical departure from her general self-centered nature.

I agreed with Park that she seemed like a different person. I get that she feels terrible about not telling that patient all the options in an attempt lớn curry favor with Salen. But people don"t vị complete 180s lượt thích that overnight.

Her standing up lớn Andrews was classic Morgan, though. Maybe she is a nicer person now because she"s finally found her purpose. Let"s hope so.

Finally, Shaun"s attempt to keep a clingy little girl at arm"s length was fascinating.

I agreed with him that he needed to keep professional boundaries. However, it"s always harder to lớn know where those lines are when dealing with young patients.

Isla needed an adult she could trust to lớn lean on while her parents were in surgery và afterward. Something drew her to lớn Shaun, so it was unsurprising that his past provided exactly what she needed lớn hear to lớn be willing to see her dad.

At the same time, I couldn"t help thinking that this whole scenario was unrealistic.

Patients, especially kids, aren"t allowed to go wherever they please while in the hospital. They generally have to lớn stay in their rooms and call a nurse if they need something.

And as much as Jordan made fun of Shaun"s belief he should set boundaries with this kid, the operating scene proved he was right.

He froze up at a critical moment because he was afraid of making a mistake that permanently injured Isla.

That wouldn"t have happened had he not had more affection for her than he realized.

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