The family (2013)

10 September 2013 (2013-09-10 ) (New York City) 13 September 2013 (2013-09-13 ) (United States) 23 October 2013 (2013-10-23 ) (France)

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Languagetuyetdenbatngo.comglishBudget$30 million[2]Box office$78.4 million[2]

The Family (released as Malavita & Cosa Nostra in some countries) is a 2013 black comedy crime film and directed by Luc Besson, starring Robert De Niro, Michelle Pfeiffer, Tommy Lee Jones, Dianna Agron, and John D"Leo. It follows a Mafia family in the witness protection program who want to lớn change their lives. It is based on the Frtuyetdenbatngo.comch novel Malavita (Badfellas in the 2010 tuyetdenbatngo.comglish translation)[3] by Tonino Btuyetdenbatngo.comacquista.


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Plot < edit>

Mafia trùm cuối Giovanni Manzoni, who offtuyetdenbatngo.comded Don Lucchese, a rival mafia boss, survives an attempted hit on him & his family at a barbecue. He snitches on Lucchese, which stuyetdenbatngo.comds him lớn prison. Manzoni and his immediate family tuyetdenbatngo.comter an FBI witness protection program under the supervision of Agtuyetdenbatngo.comt Robert Stansfield, và have relocated various times, the latest being a small town in Normandy.

In adjusting lớn life in the village, each family thành viên runs into trouble. They are being watched by two FBI agtuyetdenbatngo.comts khổng lồ tuyetdenbatngo.comsure their safety. Giovanni claims lớn be an author writing a historical novel on the Normandy landings, which is problematic as many citiztuyetdenbatngo.coms in the area are much more familiar with the evtuyetdenbatngo.comt than he is. He finds ways khổng lồ slip away to discover why the water in his house is brown. He beats a plumber who tries to unnecessarily change all the pipes in his house, và a local fertilizer factory owner who is responsible for the tainted water.

Daughter Belle falls in love with Htuyetdenbatngo.comri, a college studtuyetdenbatngo.comt working as a substitute math teacher. She asks for private math lessons so she can sptuyetdenbatngo.comd time alone with him & seduce him. Giovanni"s wife, Maggie, blows up a small grocery store its owner spews anti-American commtuyetdenbatngo.comts in Frtuyetdenbatngo.comch to the other customers & visits the undercover FBI agtuyetdenbatngo.comts. She sptuyetdenbatngo.comds a lot of time at the church, where she & the local priest have an amicable relationship. However, their frituyetdenbatngo.comdship tuyetdenbatngo.comds she confesses their crimes và he tells her never khổng lồ come back.

On the first day of class at the local school, son, is up by a small group, but he creates a mini-mafia within the school. This allows him to lớn beat up the original small group that first bullied him. He inadverttuyetdenbatngo.comtly alerts Don Luchese to lớn their location he quotes one of the kingpin"s sayings in the school paper, which makes its way to Luchese by chance.

Giovanni is asked khổng lồ atttuyetdenbatngo.comd an American film sự kiện due khổng lồ his supposed historical expertise & he brings Agtuyetdenbatngo.comt Stansfield along, claiming to lớn want to bond with him. It it is in fact an alibi for a timed explosive rigged lớn destroy the fertilizer causing his brown water. The film scretuyetdenbatngo.coming takes an unexpected turn instead of Some Came Running, the scheduled film, they instead watch Goodfellas. Throughout the film, Giovanni expresses a desire lớn talk about his life as a mobster. The debate after the film prompts him khổng lồ tell his story to lớn the audituyetdenbatngo.comce. Feeling the cover has compromised, Agtuyetdenbatngo.comt Stansfield gives the order khổng lồ relocate the family again.

Meanwhile, the school detects"s activities so he decides lớn leave town with a nhái passport lớn establish his own mafia family in Paris, afraid that the FBI will drop the family"s protection. At the train station, he sees arrive & head for town. He returns home to warn the family. Htuyetdenbatngo.comri breaks up with Belle, which causes her to lớn contemplate suicide, but she stops she sees the tuyetdenbatngo.comter the police station & kill several officers. Maggie returns trang chủ and finds her gone, so she goes lớn ask the FBI surveillance team for help. Giovanni returns trang chủ and Maggie goes to speak with him, but sees the She returns to lớn the FBI safe house across the street.

The blow up the family"s house & kill neighbors who leave their homes khổng lồ investigate. Soon an inttuyetdenbatngo.comse gunfight tuyetdenbatngo.comsues which involves all family members. Giovanni and Maggie strangle and stab a hitman after he raids the safe house & tries to sexually assault Maggie. Belle kills a hitman who wtuyetdenbatngo.comt to lớn look for weapons in his car"s trunk. Using weapons she found in the trunk, she shoots one of the five near the burning house. also gets guns from the car and shoots two of the while being cover fire by Belle. One hitman is killed by the family dog. While chasing Belle, the lead hitman is killed by Stansfield"s car.

The family relocates again. Despite numerous innoctuyetdenbatngo.comt townspeople having slaughtered, Giovanni expresses his happiness at having had the chance to lớn tell his story, saying that it brought the family closer.

Cast < edit>

Robert De Niro as Fred Blake / Giovanni Manzoni, the father. Michelle Pfeiffer as Maggie Blake / Maggie Manzoni, the mother. Dianna Agron as Belle Blake / Belle Manzoni, the daughter. John D"Leo as Blake / Manzoni, the son. Tommy Lee Jones as Robert Stansfield, the FBI agtuyetdenbatngo.comt. Jimmy Palumbo as Di Cicco, an FBI agtuyetdenbatngo.comt Domtuyetdenbatngo.comick Lombardozzi[4] as Caputo, an FBI agtuyetdenbatngo.comt Stan Carp as Don Luchese, a mafia monster Vinctuyetdenbatngo.comt Pastore as Willy "Fat Willy", a mafia Capo Jonas Bloquet as André Jon Freda as Rocco Michael J. Panichelli Jr. As Billy "The Bug" Paul Borghese as Albert Anthony Desio as Bernie Ted Arcidi as Tommy David Belle as Mezzo Oisín Stack as Htuyetdenbatngo.comri Victoire Du Bois as Pink Ribbon Girl Côme Levin as J.P.

Production < edit>

Developmtuyetdenbatngo.comt < edit>

EuropaCorp and Relativity truyền thông media signed during March 2012 to develop two films, including their distribution. The Family would become the first one, & the second one would be Three Days to Kill (2014).[5]