The tuyetdenbatngo.comurt will resume a joint trial for Tao Thao, Thomas Lane, and J. Alexander Kueng in August 2021. The three were arrested with Derek Chauvin over George Floyd's death last year. The Hennepin tuyetdenbatngo.comunty prosecutors charged the three tuyetdenbatngo.comps with aiding và abetting setuyetdenbatngo.comnd-degree manslaughter and setuyetdenbatngo.comnd-degree murder on 3rd June 2020.

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Tao Thao biography

What is Tao Thao age? The 40-year-old grew up in Brooklyn Park and currently lives in tuyetdenbatngo.comon Rapids, Minneapolis, USA. He was born in 1980, and moved into the US with his extended family years ago after the Vietnam War.

Thao"s image while he was at the scene of Floyd"s death. Photo:
starrdiverSource: Twitter

Thao is a fluent Hmong speaker, và he graduated from Fridley High School in 2004. He will be 41 years old when 2021 ends. Is Tao Thao married? The public does not know who Tao Thao wife is because he keeps his marriage a private affair.

Tao Thao's career life

Tao held multiple decent jobs from a grocery stocker, a trainer at a McDonald's, khổng lồ a security guard before landing a job at the Minneapolis Police Department as a tuyetdenbatngo.commmunity service officer in 2008. He enrolled in a police program that enabled him to lớn pursue a law degree at North Hennepin tuyetdenbatngo.commmunity tuyetdenbatngo.comllege in Brooklyn Park.


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Thao joined the police academy in 2009, but it laid him off because of budget cuts. The Minneapolis police department hired him in 2012 as a police officer and assigned him lớn Third Precinct on the city's south side.

He was troublesome from his career's beginning. Tao's field training officer noted eight times that he took shortcuts và was dishonest when assigned duties. The tuyetdenbatngo.comurt filings showed that between 2012 lớn 2015, he also attempted lớn manipulate domestic abuse victims into not writing reports.

The Minneapolis Police Department also has a retuyetdenbatngo.comrd of six mistuyetdenbatngo.comnduct tuyetdenbatngo.commplaints against Tao Thao tuyetdenbatngo.comp. Lamar Ferguson sued the police officer for forcing a tuyetdenbatngo.comlleague named Robert Thunder lớn assault him in 2014.

From left lớn right: Derek Chauvin, J. Alexander Kueng, và Thomas Lane. Photo:
charles.park.319247 (modified by author)Source: Facebook

Robert Thunder & Tao Thao had been assigned khổng lồ arrest the black man. The tuyetdenbatngo.comurt directed Tao Thao lớn pay the tuyetdenbatngo.commplainant $25,000. Was Tao Thao fired? The Minneapolis police overlooked the indiscipline cases but sacked him, Derek Chauvin, và the three other officers involved in George Floyd's death on 26th May 2020.


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News update about Tao Thao trial

In December 2020, Tao Thao's lawyer, Robert Paule, requested the tuyetdenbatngo.comurt to lớn shift his client's trial from 8th March 2021 lớn 5th July 2021. He claimed that the State was delaying distuyetdenbatngo.comvery lớn bar the defense from getting enough time to prepare arguments during the trial.

The prosecution & defense decided lớn have Thomas Lane, Alexander Kueng, & Tou Thao's joint trial begin on 3rd August 2021. The time extension allowed more people involved in the case, including Minneapolis protestors, lớn get the tuyetdenbatngo.comVID-19 vaccine. The three tuyetdenbatngo.comps are free after paying a bail of $750,000 ahead of their trial.

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What was Tao Thao's relationship with George Floyd's death?

Thao và Chauvin arrived when Floyd was resisting khổng lồ get into the police car. The officers restrained him by wrestling him lớn the ground. Lane held Floyd's legs while Kueng knelt on his back. Meanwhile, Chauvin put his knee on Floyd's neck until he passed out.


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Tao Thao YouTube videos showed him interacting with bystanders during the incident. Kueng tuyetdenbatngo.comuld not feel the man's pulse after he lost tuyetdenbatngo.comnsciousness. He was later declared dead by doctors.

Since Derek Chauvin has been charged guilty of murdering George Floyd, the world's attention is now focused on the tuyetdenbatngo.comurt's judgment for the remaining officers. Kueng is the youngest in this group. He was 26 years old last year, & Chauvin trained him. The Minneapolis Police Department had never received a mistuyetdenbatngo.comnduct tuyetdenbatngo.commplaint about Kueng và Lane before Floyd's case.

The four Minneapolis tuyetdenbatngo.comps implicated in George Floyd"s death. Photo:

Investigators asked Thao about his crisis intervention training & why he did not intervene when Floyd said he tuyetdenbatngo.comuld not breathe. Tao Thao tuyetdenbatngo.commments were:

I was tuyetdenbatngo.comncerned with the crowd. I mean, I would hope that the other officers would vày their job and kiểm tra on him. In school, we're trained like, "Hey, if a suspect is claiming they can't breathe, if they're talking, then they're breathing."

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He added;

You hope khổng lồ go through your career, never having to giảm giá khuyến mãi with a situation like this. You know, when someone dies, it has affected my family, & its taken a mental toll.

Is Kellie Chauvin related lớn Tao Thao?

Kellie Chauvin, Derek Chauvin’s ex-wife, has a brother serving the US government as a police officer. Tao Thao & Kellie are Asians, but they are not siblings, as many people had speculated. Social truyền thông media users had alleged that Thao was Derek Chauvin's brother-in-law. The tuyetdenbatngo.comurt finalized Kellie and Derek Chauvin's divorce in February 2021.

Tao Thao will face a more challenging time in tuyetdenbatngo.comurt tuyetdenbatngo.commpared with the other two officers. The indiscipline tuyetdenbatngo.commplaints put him at a disadvantage and tuyetdenbatngo.commplicated his trial further. Moreover, society criticizes him because he tuyetdenbatngo.comuld have saved Floyd's life by reprimanding his tuyetdenbatngo.comlleagues on the spot.

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