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a country or industry that is controlled by a small group of powerful people, or these people considered as a group:
Socially, the marriage alliances of the oligarchy consolidated it as a homogenous, but peculiar group, distinct from both aristocracy & bourgeoisie.
Alternatively, a smaller subset of the citizens may be decisive, as in the case of an oligarchy or personalistic regime.
The persistent interweaving of ancien r"gime oligarchies và the institutions of diplomacy in the end shared the fate e of a decadent regime.
In this central period, the oligarchy was composed mainly of middleranking bureaucrats & servants of the king.
Only the ballots would be burned without being counted, và candidates would be selected by the oligarchy using its traditional undemocratic methods.
This is a social nguồn born of political devolution, và it must have made oligarchy more acceptable.
He lost the tư vấn of the bộ vi xử lý core of the settler oligarchy but was unable lớn build a new political base.
The chất lượng of the existing laws meant that the most important goal of any opponent of oligarchy was to lớn restore their sovereignty.
Instead, the early colonial communities became fragmented, with oligarchies & tyrannies becoming the successful state forms.
Working the system, the society and each other in somewhat different ways, they emerged as part of the oligarchy their activity sustained and strengthened.
Because of the added complexity, slightly broader versions of oligarchy rule và conjunctive and even/odd decision rules are needed.

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to rub something hard in order lớn clean it, especially using a stiff brush, soap, và water

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