Who were the normans and why did they conquer england?



Dr Marc Morris is an historian & broadcaster, specialising in the Middle Ages. He is the tác giả of "William I: England"s Conqueror".

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William inherited the duchy upon his father’s death in 1035 but was not able lớn establish complete authority over Normandy until about 1060. But securing the duchy was not the only goal on William’s mind during this time — he also had his eyes set on the English throne.

The Norman duke’s belief that he held the right to the English throne stemmed from a letter supposedly written khổng lồ him in 1051 by the then king of England và William’s first cousin once removed, Edward the Confessor.

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Before becoming king in 1042, Edward had spent much of his life in Normandy, living in exile under the protection of Norman dukes. During this time he is believed khổng lồ have developed a friendship with William and in the 1051 letter it is claimed that a childless Edward promised the English crown khổng lồ his Norman friend.

On his deathbed, however, many sources say that Edward instead named the powerful English earl Harold Godwinson as his successor. Và on the same day that Edward was buried, 6 January 1066, this earl became King Harold II.

William’s fight for the English throne


If you went to lớn school in the UK, chances are you spent hours of class time learning about 1066. Whether they"re fond memories or times you"d rather forget, revisit the Norman Conquest with us now.