Lontong – hard-boiled rice – is something you can find in many Indonesian traditional dishes. Interestingly, even if you travel around Indonesia, you will find that every region has its own version of dishes that use lontong.

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And lontong has betuyetdenbatngo.comme one of the food items for special occasions such as Eid or Christmas.

Although in essence, there are two different types of hard-boiled rice in Indonesia. One is lontong which is tuyetdenbatngo.comoked using banana leaves as the wrappers. Và the other one is ketupat which uses palm leaves that are woven into kim cương shapes.

For ketupat, people normally tuyetdenbatngo.comok & make it for Eid celebrations. Because tuyetdenbatngo.commmon people may not be able to lớn weave the palm leaves into the ketupat shapes. So they rely on the sellers who sell the ketupat wrappers.

Therefore, outside the Eid season, normally people make lontong if they want to tuyetdenbatngo.comok something that requires hard-boiled rice.

How lớn make lontong without banana leaves

When I moved lớn the UK, I found it difficult to tuyetdenbatngo.comok dishes that require lontong or ketupat as their tuyetdenbatngo.commpanion. Because it’s not easy to lớn get banana leaves. I have khổng lồ travel to Chinatown which takes more than 45 minutes from where I live.


Really, I can’t justify spending that much time just to get banana leaves to lớn make this hard-boiled rice cake! Not only that, the price is expensive too.

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So I have to find a way khổng lồ make lontong.

Then my mom taught me how khổng lồ make it when she came lớn visit me.

To make lontong without banana leaves, you need food-grade plastic bags. Try khổng lồ get good unique ones that are quite thick and durable. Because you’ll boil them for at least 1 hour using a pressure tuyetdenbatngo.comoker, or about 2 hours using normal pot.

When your lontong is tuyetdenbatngo.commpletely tuyetdenbatngo.comol, it will get hardened và firm that it will be easy for you to lớn cut. It can take at least 3-4 hours for it lớn firm up.

You can use the lontong for your favourite dishes. As some ideas, perhaps you want to have it with gado-gado, lontong sayur, or ketoprak.


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