Assistant Professor, Schulich School of Engineering, Electrical và Software Engineering, University of Calgary (gias.uddin AT ucalgary DOT ca)Past/Present EmploymentEducation

I work at the intersection of Software Analytics (SA), Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Human Computer Interaction (HCI) to lớn understand how we can build effective and responsible conversational software tools và techniques. See my Research page for details.

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My work often combines Machine Learning (ML), Natural Language Processing (NLP), & Software Engineering (SE) techniques & applies those on the vast amount of code và textual software data. My research is influenced by my 10+ years of full-time professional experience at the industry, both as a data scientist & as a software developer.

I am the founding director of the Data Intensive Software Analytics (DISA) Lab. My amazing students make me proud every day by doing high-impact and high-quality research.

Prospective Students

I am always looking for motivated và hard working students to bởi vì research on software security, software analytics, machine learning, & natural language processing. See DISA lab page for more details.


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May 21, 2021: Paper accepted at #IEEEICAS "Quality Assurance Challenges for Machine Learning Software Applications During Software Development Life Cycle Phases" with my student Alamin. We produce a taxonomy of QA challenges for MLSAs by surveying related work.April 20, 2021: Accepted journal paper at ELSEVIER IST “How vì chưng Developers Discuss and support New Programming Languages in Technical Q&A Site? An Empirical Study of Go, Swift, and Rust in Stack Overflow” with Partha, Rifat & Anindya.March 15, 2021: Journal paper "A Benchmark Study of Machine Learning Models for Online giả News Detection" accepted at Elsevier Machine Learning with Applications (MLWA) with my incoming student Junaed.Feb 25, 2021: I will serve on the program committee of ICSE 2022 Software Engineering Education and Training (SEET) Track!Feb 25, 2021: Paper accepted at 3rd International Workshop on Software Engineering Research & Practices for the internet of Things (SERP4IoT 2021): Security and Machine Learning Adoption in IoT: A Preliminary Study of IoT Developer Discussions Feb 22, 2021: Two full technical research papers accepted at MSR 2021: (1) An Empirical Study of Developer Discussions on Low Code Software Development Challenges with my student Alamin và (2) Rollback Edit Inconsistencies in Developer diễn đàn with
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