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1-Sentence-Summary: First They Killed My Father is Loung Ung’s tài khoản of the horrific events that she và her family had lớn go through while living in Cambodia during the Khmer Rouge regime in the 1970s and explains how it devastated their country, the way it separated their family, và how Loung got through it all.

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Only a little more than forty years ago, the brutal Khmer Rouge overtook the country of Cambodia. In just four years, this regime perpetrated the genocide of up two two million Cambodians in its horrific reign. However, we may never know the true extent of their crimes. 

But through the first-hand account of Loung Ung in her book First They Killed My Father: A Daughter of Cambodia Remembers, we get an intimate glimpse of what it was like. She was only five when Pol Pot and his regime took over the country. But her mô tả tìm kiếm of the war crimes và desperation she saw in her young years will make you feel lượt thích you are witnessing history with her. 

You will find inspiration from the resilience of these Cambodians in the face of insurmountable trials. But the underlying message Ung beautifully shares is that no matter what happens, family bonds can never be broken. 

Here’s the book summarized in just 3 lessons:

Loung Ung was a privileged child living in Cambodia until the Khmer Rouge showed up.The reign of the Khmer Rouge dismantled và devastated the Ung family và Cambodian society.Although her childhood was ravaged by war, Loung Ung got a second chance at life because of her mother’s bravery and her brother’s generosity. 

Let’s get right into these lessons so we can understand the awfulness that some people have to go through.

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Lesson 1: Life was good for Loung Ung and her family until the Khmer Rouge won the Cambodian civil war.

When Ung was five-years-old, her life as she knew it changed forever. Up until that point, she had enjoyed a comfortable middle-class life, as her father was a high ranking military official. They had a modern apartment in the city’s capital of Phnom Penh & even attended school, though most of the city’s inhabitants were not so fortunate. 

But one day in 1975, from her balcony she saw a swarm of soldiers enter the city & everything changed.

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It was the Khmer Rouge, a communist rebel army who was at war with the incumbent democracy & they had won. They were coming khổng lồ enforce communism that demanded everyone live simple peasant lives. 

Her father’s job and wealth put a target on their backs và within hours they fled the capital & left their life behind to hide in the country. Now, as enemies of the state, they had khổng lồ keep their identity a secret or they would đại bại their lives. 

The regime also phối out khổng lồ persecute anyone who was not ethnically Cambodian. This put a target on their backs as well since her mother was half Chinese. So they left their old identities behind và set out to work in the fields. 

Lesson 2: Tragedy after tragedy struck Cambodian society and the Ung family after the Khmer Rouge took over.

Unfortunately, this was only the beginning of their nightmare. The Khmer Rouge forced those who fled the cities lớn work in rural cities, where their masters took advantage of them. From dawn until dusk, they were forced to vì back-breaking work digging, building, và planting. 

But worse still was that there wasn’t enough food lớn go around. In just five months, two-thirds of the new workers had died of starvation or illness. As educated people from the city, they were considered the lowest class of all và they were treated horribly. 

The only reason they avoided starvation was that her brother had a job at the village chief’s home. He endured beatings knowing he could bring table scraps khổng lồ his starving family. 

Soon she began losing members of her family. First her sister, who was taken khổng lồ work in a camp và became ill and tragically was left to die in a “hospital” far from her family. Then her father, when the truth of his identity got out. The regime brutally murdered him và threw his body toàn thân into a mass grave.

Lesson 3: Loung Ung’s future is in her hands now because of her generous brother và brave mother.

After the truth of their identity got out, Ung’s mother had khổng lồ make a terrible decision. Knowing that the regime would soon find và execute the rest of the family, she told Ung and her siblings to lớn flee khổng lồ different cities. From there they were lớn say they were orphans, so they couldn’t be traced back. 

So they left behind their mother và their four-year-old sister. Sadly, their once happy family was now in pieces. Ung went to a work camp for orphaned children. Soon after arriving, she found out that the regime had taken her mother và sister to be executed as well. 

But thanks lớn the courage of her mother, she and her three remaining siblings were able to lớn see the over of the regime as Vietnamese soldiers liberated much of Cambodia. Her oldest brother was able to save enough money lớn allow him & just one of his siblings lớn leave for the United States, and he chose Ung. 

He felt that because of her young age, she still had a chance at an education and a new start. In the end, thanks to lớn her courageous mother và generous brother, she was able khổng lồ finally have freedom as a US citizen.

First They Killed My Father Review

Oh my gosh, this whole story of First They Killed My Father is just awful. These are the parts of history that they didn’t teach me about in school. Part of me wishes they had and another part of me wishes they hadn’t. The big question that I wonder now is how can we prevent terrible things lượt thích this from happening?

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