Darling in the franxx

In a devastated post-apocalyptic future, Earth is a desolate wasteland. Humanity"s only remaining strongholds are mobile fortress cities called Plantations, defended by giant robots known as FRANXX, who drive back the massive predatory Klaxosaurs that now roam the land. Failed pilot Hiro would be out there fighting them if he hadn"t screwed it all up. But a chance encounter with a mysterious horned girl is about khổng lồ change the course of his life--and his destiny piloting the FRANXX.

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Amelia Tucker, or Tuck as she prefers lớn be called, latest personal bodyguard assignment turns into one she"ll never forget, thanks khổng lồ a crazed kidnapper, one enchanted fountain, và a sixteenth
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The Czervenian conflict rages on, và the waters run red with innocent blood as General Adzic orders merciless attacks on local civilian townships. Pilot Nick Hardesty và Gunner Shannon Williams
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America"s Army deploys lớn Palisav Island in enemy Czervenian territory. Captain Carl Reed and his Quick Reaction Force are sent lớn capture a high value clan leader at a secret Red Coin terrorist
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Penny Jordan doesn"t want a husband--she needs one. It"s the only way she can save her ranch. Her pickings are slim, so she asks her friend from back east to find one and send him to the black Hills
Ella Fairmont, as the anonymous Miss Prattle, has taken the Duke of Clare khổng lồ task regularly in her gossip column. The duke, unsuspecting, includes Ella và her aunt in his week-long country

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Ed Chalmers, history professor, had a real problem in his classes: he kept blurting out events that hadn"t happened yet. Of course that made him the butt of jokes and ridicule, & the Dean wanted
Teresa Danville, raised in Costa Rica by her "black sheep" father, presents a challenge to the diplomatic skills of Sir Andrew Graylin. Niece of an English duke, Teresa was not raised lớn London
The Earl of Huntingdon changed his will to leave most of his estate to lớn Marcus, a male relative. The earl"s daughter Charis knew she must find a wealthy husband to lớn provide for her mother & sister.
HER MAGIC MEANT NOTHING IF SHE COULDNT HAVE HIM!Lovely, mischievous Trudy was an elf who forever sought adventure, but this time her playful tricks had gone awry. As a wager, she had taken on human
Lovely, mischievous Trudy was an elf who forever sought adventure, but this time her playful tricks had gone awry. As a wager, she had taken on human" data-ean="2940000070529" data-title="The Christmas Spirit">See Details
Cuando una persona desea realmente algo, el Universo entero conspira para que pueda realizar su sueño. Basta bé aprender a escuchar los dictados del corazón y a descifrar un lenguaje
Frank Ingram, an impecunious officer, is seriously wounded at Waterloo. Rescued by Lord Roworth, he meets Roworth"s sister, Lady Constantia, an angel of mercy. But Frank và Connie are each hiding a
Rosalind Lovelace had finally had poems accepted by a literary magazine, but she wasn"t about to tell Lord Harwell, her neighbor và a notorious rake. Then her publisher, Lord Sylvester, paid a
Trelenny Storwood"s parents want her lớn marry their neighbor, Cranford Ashwicke. But the young và vivacious Trelenny finds Cranford dull--and positively old (at twenty-eight). When Cranford takes
Joanna Spencer, a single working mother, finally achieves her career aspirations only khổng lồ find her new position far more than she bargained for. Her new quái thú is none other than the arrogant,