300: rise of an empire

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300 Rise Of An Empire was the follow up lớn the highly successful film 300. This film is about the Battle of Artemisium và the Battle of Salamis and pits the Athenians led by Themistokles (Sullivan Stapleton) against the Persians whose army was led by Artemisia (Eva Green) in two giant naval engagements. She is the main positive of the film. On the negative side the action and story just aren’t as compelling as 300 và the Orientalism was still there as well.Artemisia is portrayed as completely ruthless & the nguồn behind Xerxes. Green just does a great job with her role & she’s the most compelling character. It’s good lớn see a female villain in such a film.The movie had the same stylized look as 300. All the lighting was replaced with effects. There were slow motion sequences to lớn highlight the violence.The problems started with the battles. For some reason they created CGI boats that had no sides on the deck. Meaning there were sides khổng lồ the boats for the oarsmen, but for the fighters on the vị trí cao nhất it was a flat deck with no walls around them. That meant a big wave could just wash every fighter off the boat và into the ocean. It made no sense. Then they had the Greek ships ram the Persian ones over và over in the first engagement. Again, there’s nothing to stop all the Greek fighters from being thrown off the đứng đầu of the boats because there were no walls to stop them.Orientalism was the basis for the story once again. Orientalism is the European view that the West is civilized and the East is backwards. Thus the Greeks are portrayed as a free and democratic people while the Persians are oppressive & sadistic. All the oarsmen on the Persian ships for instance are slaves. They have closeups of the chains on their wrists và the men that whip them to lớn make them row faster. Thermistokles on the other hand gives a speech about how the Persian should fear the freedom of the Athenians. The fact that the vast majority of Athens were slaves is never mentioned because that would defy the image of the birthplace of democracy.Finally, the conflict between the two sides isn’t as compelling as 300. There’s nothing really special about Thermistokles & as mentioned before Artemisia is much more interesting. You can’t have a competition when only one side is any good.Overall, Artemisia is great. There are some good battle scenes but overall it just pales in comparison to lớn 300.